Pay & Play Indoor Range

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced competition shooter, Doncaster Airgun Range is the place to be.

No membership required, Free air refills and just a short safety brief on your first visit.

One simple range fee and no hidden extras.

Just £12.50 for up to 3 hours

Welcoming atmosphere

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

We're not 'clicky' and you don't have to have thousands of pounds worth of the latest kit to feel like you belong.

Passionate about shooting

The owners, Brian & Leanne have been a couple for over 10 years and in 2016 fulfilled their joint dream of opening an airgun range combining Bri's shooting knowledge with Leanne's business experience.

Unlock your shooting potential

If you want some shooting advice, you can't do better than asking Brian Samson, a former British and World Champion competition shooter.


Competitive Bench Rest Shooting

Air rifle Bench Rest is a relatively new sport that is rapidly growing in popularity, not just at Doncaster Airgun Range, but both nationally and internationally.

At first glance it seems as though it shouldn't be too difficult, shooting from a fully supported, rested position but when you give it a go, you'll find it's far more difficult than you think.


Rules vary, but most competitions allow the use of an adjustable front rest or bipod and a rear bag. Usually shot at 25m with no restriction on calibre although .177 is the most popular.


We shoot a selection of different bench rest competitions, and are very well represented in the Midland Bench Rest Postal league.

£ in the Pot Competition

Monthly 25 yard World Rules Bench Rest Competition

June 2021 - PCP
# Name Score
1 Phil Thornton Air Arms EV2 250 x25
2 Dawn Skelland-Thornton EV2 250 x23
3 David Mellors EV2 250 x22

June 2021 - Springer
# Name Score
1 Jeff Gill TX200 248 x 9
2 Mark Kelly TX200 240 x 7

35 yard Hunter Class

Monthly 35 yard no rear rest - Hunter style

June 2021 - PCP
# Name Score
1 David Mellors EV2 249 x18
2 Gill Flatters Air Arms HFT500 248 x14
3 Dean Moss Air Arms HFT500 236 x 9

June 2021 - Springer
# Name Score
1 Gary Jardine Walther LGU 221 x 5
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