2020 Coronavirus/Lockdown Rebuild

You'll be pleased to know, we haven't been sitting around twiddling our thumbs during the lockdown.

We closed our doors to customers on Monday 16th March, 2020 a week before other ranges and clubs were ordered to by law. It seems like such a long time ago now, but at the ourbreak of Covid 19, a great number of our customers were classed as those most at risk from the virus.

So, we decided with a heavy heart to close our doors with the aspiration that we wouldn't open our doors again until we were confident that we could offer a safe environment to shoot in.

2m is not enough for us

Since we closed we've kept a close eye on the guidelines regarding how to provide a safe environment, and we've looked carefully at the precautions being taken by other ranges.

Most ranges solve the social distancing problem by removing every other chair to add a bit of distance between the firing positions, but we decided to take it a step further by completely rebuilding all of the firing points and enclosing them in their own individual 'booth'.

We feel this gives the highest possible level of protection from other shooters in the range and also has the added benefit of helping our customers to concentrate on shooting without worrying about someone coughing all over them.

Each 'booth' is disinfected between sessions to make it as safe as possible for the next customer.

Shoot in comfort and safety

One of the problems we've needed to solve for a long time now has been the queues and inevitable disappointment of not being able to get a lane at the range.

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, and that might be true of Covid 19 for us because we've been required to introduce a booking system so there's no need to queue or arrive at the range after a long drive wondering whether you're going to get a lane or not.

The downside is that it's mandatory to pre-book a lane now, you can't just turn up and shoot anymore, although the booking system is so simple and quick, you could pre-book a lane while walking up the stairs if you can click and walk.

  • Online booking - no more queues or disappointment.
  • Your own individual 'booth' - disinfected between sessions.
  • Cough screen windows between each lane, so you can still safely socialise with the shooter next door.
  • Hand sanitization stations, no need to bring your own, but you can if you like.
  • Our booths mean that you don't need to wear a mask while shooting. You will need to wear a mask outside your booth though.

Your lane awaits you

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