HFT Novice to Ninja

Ever fancied having a go at HFT but have no idea where to start? Doncaster Airgun Range are running HFT training sessions over the summer to help you get started.

The next classroom training session is : Sunday 31st March, 2024

What's HFT and what are the requirements for getting started?

HFT or 'Hunter Field Target' is an outdoor airgun target sport. It is intended to be shot with any UK legal (below 12 ft/lb muzzle energy) hunting style air rifle. It isn't a hunting simulation - only metal 'fall when hit' knock down targets are shot at.

So if you're thinking about taking up HFT, you'll need to either already have a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle or be seriously considering buying one in the very near future. Doncaster Airgun Range doesn't hire guns, so you'll eventually need your own.

And that's it really - you just need a regular hunting style full power air gun and some free time on a Sunday. (Most HFT competitions are held on Sundays).

Training sessions at Doncaster Airgun Range

When there's enough demand we hold indoor classroom training sessions at the range. These will be after the range has closed and they're a theory session so there's no need to bring a gun with you.

When you start out in HFT naturally you'll have lots of questions about the sport, so that's the idea of these training sessions - to take you from a complete novice right up to putting in scores to place you in the top 20 or above in local competitions.

The classroom sessions last about 2 and a half hours and cover everything from the basic rules, safety, etiquette at events, range finding, positional shots - something for everyone really from a complete beginner to someone who's already started shooting competitions but would like to improve their scores.

The next classroom training session is : Sunday 31st March, 2024 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Drop us a line - facebook, email etc. if you're interested in attending.

You don't need to be a member of an outdoor club to shoot HFT competitions

There are a few outdoor HFT/FT clubs in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, but there are also open competitions within about an hour's drive away (often closer) that you can just turn up to and enter usually for less than a tenner. There's no need to be a member of a club to get started in HFT.

What else might I need?

HFT is great fun and you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how friendly and encouraging HFT shooters are when you meet them - that's one of the many components that makes HFT so addictive.

Once you've been 'bitten by the bug' you might want to invest in some additional kit but you don't need to at first - a prone mat, shooting glove, kneeling roll and clothes you don't mind getting dirty are all good investments for the future, but don't buy anything until you've been to one of our HFT Novice to Ninja classroom sessions.