WHFTA Sponsorship

Team WHFTA we are very excited at the prospect of hosting another world class HFT event in 2021 after the previous event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Doncaster Airgun Range, are sponsoring the event, providing a new HFT specific zero range target and opening up the range to be used freely by WHFTA competitors wishing to zero their rifles in our wind free 45 yard indoor range.

The range will be closed to the public on 18th and 19th September

Bri, Leanne and Thomas will be at the WHFTA event held at Emley Moor Field Target Club (near Yorkshire Sculpture Park) and so we won't be opening the range for regular bookings that weekend.

Don't let that stop you getting your shooting 'fix' though, why not pop along to the event where spectators are welcome, you can watch the championships or why not have a go on one of the side shoots provided by Air Arms and Weihrauch.

For further details, pop along to the WHFTA Website or Facebook page

WHFTA Competitors

If you're shooting in the Championships look out for Doncaster Airgun Range's HFT setup targets on the zero range at the event.

Zero Range Targets

Specially developed Zeroing Targets for HFT

Shoot For FREE

We're also opening up the range for free to WHFTA Competitors to check their zero, windage and holdovers before the event.

  • 9 Prone 45 yard lanes
  • Paper targets set out at the usual distances
  • Reactive Flip Flop targets at 1 yard intervals for the close targets and every couple of yards for the long ones
  • Did we mention it's FREE ?

From 1:30pm until 8:00pm Friday 17th September

Just come along to the range, no need to book but if it gets too busy we may have to put a time limit on the long lanes so everyone gets a chance to check their windage.

If there's enough demand, we may also open the range up on Saturday 18th September if anyone has a gun problem and needs a wind free range to re-set up before the final day.

Come to say Hi at the Event

Leanne will be providing air fills for the side shoots at the event, so why not come over and say hi.