Range Safety Rules

  • Never point a rifle or pistol at anyone or anything except a designated target.
  • Always treat your rifle or pistol as being loaded at all times.
  • The rifle or pistol is only to be loaded at the bench and when ready to fire is kept pointing down the range.
  • Never put a loaded airgun down or leave it unattended.
  • All airguns must remain in a case unless at a bench.
  • The action of a rifle or pistol is to be kept un-cocked and unloaded at all times when not actually in use.
  • Do not touch other people’s equipment without their permission.
  • We recommend you wear hearing and/or eye protection whilst in the range.
  • Only lead pellets are to be used on the range.
  • Our minimum age is 9yrs old.
  • Juniors up to 18 years of age should be accompanied by an adult (over 21 years). This is law not just a safety rule.
  • When a ceasefire is called, discharge your airgun down range, lay it down on the bench and step back off the mat into the green zone and do not touch your gun for any reason.
  • Do not step out to change your paper target until all airguns have been discharged, all benches are clear and you have been told it’s ok to do so.
  • The Range Officer's word is final.
  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are declaring that you are not on the prohibited persons register and not under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.
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