Results for December 2021

Monthly 25 yard World Rules Bench Rest Competition - Top 25 scores

December 2021 - PCP
# Name Score
1 David Mellors EV2 250 x19
2 Dean Moss EV2 250 x14
3 Harvey Turner (junior) HFT500 250 x12
4 James Turner HFT500 250 x12
5 Vicente Debu Anschutz 9015 250 x11
6 Mark Richards Daystate Wolverine 249 x10
7 Barry Moss Wolverine R 248 x15
8 Alaric Webster HFT500 248 x14
9 Barry Radley HFT500 248 x11
10 Steve Lipscombe HFT500 245 x10
11 Alan Taylor Walther RM8 245 x10
12 Dan Jenkinson Daystate Mk4 245 x 7
13 Sandra Webster HFT500 245 x 7
14 Paul Richardson HFT500 244 x11
15 Mason Jenkinson Daystate Mk4 242 x 6

December 2021 - Springer
# Name Score
1 Craig Lealand LGU 242 x 8
2 Mark Richards TX200 234 x 2
3 Derek Robinson TX200 230 x 8

25 yard Bench Rest Competition Specific Rules

  • Any front and rear rests may be used but they must be separate.
  • An 'X' is awarded for completely obliterating the 10 ring, including the line.
  • An official Doncaster Airgun Range 25 yard A3 target must be used.
  • Targets must be placed at 25 yards, there is no restriction on target height or orientation.

General Competition Rules

  • The entry fee is £1 for each target shot.
  • All cards must be signed on the back by a range official before being shot.
  • There are two categories of entry - PCP and Springer
  • 'Springers' include all spring piston/gas ram powered recoiling rifles. (some recoilless designs are excluded)
  • Each shooter may enter any number of times, but only the highest score in each category will be recorded.
  • There are no restrictions on rifle, calibre or shooting position.
  • Targets are scored using 'inward gauging', the lines around each scoring ring are not part of the higher scoring ring.
  • When a plug or gauge is used it will be an approved .22 sized scoring gauge (not .22A)
  • If there are multiple shots in a target box, the lower scoring shot will be counted.
  • Stray shots from other lanes may be excluding from scoring at the discretion of the range official.
  • Tied scores will be decided on X-count, then by first 'miss' based on ascending target number.
  • Only the official Doncaster Airgun Range A3 targets may be used.
  • In the case of any scoring or rules disputes, the Range Officer on duty will make the final decision.

Prizes / Awards

  • If the pot is sufficient the maximum winning amount is £25 and the randomly chosen 2 will receive £10.
  • If not, the pot will be divided into 3. A third each to PCP & Springer winners and the 2 random cards.
  • Any money over the maximum amount will be halved and donated to a small local charity of the winners’ choice.
  • The category winners will not be eligible to win a random draw prize.
  • A random draw winner can only win a maximum of one random draw prize.
  • The competition period will run for a month starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.