Results for September 2021

Monthly 25 yard World Rules Bench Rest Competition - Top 25 scores

September 2021 - PCP
# Name Score
1 David Mellors EV2 250 x24
2 Tony Meredith RAW TM1000 250 x24
3 Lee Hazlehurst RAW TM1000 250 x23
4 Kirsty Long HFT500 250 x21
5 Russ Harris ataman 250 x21
6 James Turner HFT500 250 x20
7 Phil Thornton Air Arms EV2 250 x20
8 Harvey Turner (junior) HFT500 250 x18
9 Dean Moss HFT500 250 x17
10 John Lindley HFT500 250 x17
11 Tia Hazlehurst (junior) RAW HM1000 250 x15
12 Andy McHale Pulsar 250 x15
13 Don Shaw Daystate RedWolf 250 x15
14 Mark Richards Daystate Wolverine 250 x11
15 Dawn Skelland-Thornton Air Arms EV2 249 x21
16 Derek Robinson HFT500 249 x20
17 Tony Fox HFT500 249 x14
18 Mick Smith HFT500 249 x13
19 Vicente Debu Anschutz 9015 249 x11
20 Barry Radley HFT500 249 x 8
21 Dan Jenkinson Daystate Mk4 248 x 9
22 Kev Earp EV2 MK4 247 x11
23 Mark Hodkinson FTP900 247 x 9
24 Paul Richardson Walther RM8 246 x 7
25 Les Davey HFT500 242 x 9

September 2021 - Springer
# Name Score
1 Gill Flatters TX200 244 x11
2 Jeff Gill TX200 244 x 8
3 Gary Jardine LGU 243 x 7
4 Derek Robinson HW77K 239 x 7
5 Wayne Heseltine Walther LGU 239 x 4
6 Mick Smith TX200 238 x 5
7 Phil Bromley TX200 231 x 4

25 yard Bench Rest Competition Specific Rules

  • Any front and rear rests may be used but they must be separate.
  • An 'X' is awarded for completely obliterating the 10 ring, including the line.
  • An official Doncaster Airgun Range 25 yard A3 target must be used.
  • Targets must be placed at 25 yards, there is no restriction on target height or orientation.

General Competition Rules

  • The entry fee is £1 for each target shot.
  • All cards must be signed on the back by a range official before being shot.
  • There are two categories of entry - PCP and Springer
  • 'Springers' include all spring piston/gas ram powered recoiling rifles. (some recoilless designs are excluded)
  • Each shooter may enter any number of times, but only the highest score in each category will be recorded.
  • There are no restrictions on rifle, calibre or shooting position.
  • Targets are scored using 'inward gauging', the lines around each scoring ring are not part of the higher scoring ring.
  • When a plug or gauge is used it will be an approved .22 sized scoring gauge (not .22A)
  • If there are multiple shots in a target box, the lower scoring shot will be counted.
  • Stray shots from other lanes may be excluding from scoring at the discretion of the range official.
  • Tied scores will be decided on X-count, then by first 'miss' based on ascending target number.
  • Only the official Doncaster Airgun Range A3 targets may be used.
  • In the case of any scoring or rules disputes, the Range Officer on duty will make the final decision.

Prizes / Awards

  • If the pot is sufficient the maximum winning amount is £25 and the randomly chosen 2 will receive £10.
  • If not, the pot will be divided into 3. A third each to PCP & Springer winners and the 2 random cards.
  • Any money over the maximum amount will be halved and donated to a small local charity of the winners’ choice.
  • The category winners will not be eligible to win a random draw prize.
  • A random draw winner can only win a maximum of one random draw prize.
  • The competition period will run for a month starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.